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Solar Panel Cleaning

Often positioned on roof tops and increasingly in farmers fields the sight of PV Panels and Solar Panels is an ever increasing sight within our countryside.

However with the development of these panels the need for cleaning and regular annual maintenance ( as a minimum ) is growing and CIS 1976 is proud to be market leader is providing this service.

Utilising their hot reach & wash systems on their company vehicles the staff use water fed systems to access these panels and clean them with a specialist soft bristle brush – designed specifically for fragile surfaces and for hot water systems where soft brushes are essential.

For high level access to the panels CIS will utilize their own Multitel Truck Mounted Boom – this lightweight truck will position itself in many areas that a traditional cherry picker cannot due to its weight.

By using all of our experience and equipment we will ensure we can clean and maintain your Photovoltaic and Solar Panels to ensure they remain fully effective.

These panels are recommended to be cleaned maintained on an annual basis – ensuring maximum capacity and effectiveness is maintained.

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