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Cladding and Fascia Washdowns

CIS 1976 now offers Roof Cleaning to a substantial sector of clients to ensure roof area remain efficient and in safe working order.

On modern roof areas these are cleaned by using a specialist Commercial Power Washer with a 100m power washing hose and this is connected to a 22inch Rotary Hard Surface Cleaner.

By using this system we are able to clean all flat roof areas and those that are slightly raised as seen in the picture.

The hopper sits on top of the roof areas and with water fed directly from either our specialist vans or off the mains we can ensure all roof areas are clean and free of build up – as well as staying clear of algae which causes slippery roof areas.

The hard surface cleaner can also be utilised by using it from a specialist water fed pole from the ground or from our cherry picker Multitel MX 250 this is used for smaller properties to clean off more traditional tiles and roof areas.

Removing moss and associated build up you will ensure the roof areas remain in good condition and ultimately the gutters remain free flowing and efficient.

Whether you have an extensive roof area with gutters or simply a roof area to a smaller commercial property like a leisure centre or factory etc. CIS 1976 can offer you a full external cleaning service.

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