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MEWP Access Platform Hire

Another aspect of CIS 1976 – we undertake this specialist service to offer our clients a full service on their site ranging from high level cladding cleaning, to window cleaning to the ground and power washing ……

We operate a Honda Commercial Power Washing System that works off our tanks on the company vehicles using a 20m hose length to reach areas whilst working from one vehicle.

We offer the use of the system as a traditional power washing system or more commonly with the aid of a 24 inch rotary plate known as a hopper.

This ensures areas are cleaned evenly and professionally and it also ensure the debris and dirt form the system is not left to cover walls or cladding and windows.

CIS 1976 will ensure a Safe Working Area is created so a sterile zone is cordoned off using Chapter 8 Barriers – safe movement of staff and members of the public that might be around the areas will be given due consideration and a safe walkway created if required.

The use of the commercial power washing system up to a pressure of 3000psi ensures the deepest clean is completed with a professional and reliable team of staff.

Water Jetting Association

CIS 1976 is approved by the Water Jetting Association (WJA), the UK’s leading member organisation for the water jetting industry

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