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One of our prominent and well know clients is Herman Miller – the vast size of roof areas here are cleaned off annually and the roof is then utilised to operate the companies fresh water system for toilet and other environmental projects.

CIS attend site and operate with a specialist commercial power washing set up with extended power washing hoses and hard surface cleaning equipment to wash all areas of the roof.

All areas are then inspected and following the roof cleaning we ensure all gutters are running correctly and drains are unblocked so the rain water can be used and recycled in the companies bid to provide environmentally friendly systems.

Technical Details

Description  :  Metal Clad Twin Therm Roof
Thickness  :  0.70mm
Main Roof Area  :  14336 Sq Mtrs
Canopy  :  256 Sq Mtrs
Cam Flat Roof  :  236 Sq Mtrs

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